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Kansas State University

iSIS Change Management Strategy

The success of the LASER Project depends on the acceptance, adoption, and use of the new student system (iSIS) by the campus community, in particular the colleges and academic units. This strategy outlines the approach to preparing the colleges and other units for the implementation of iSIS at K-State.

Change Management includes identifying the roles personnel in colleges and other units will play in the context of iSIS, and what access will be required to the system. In addition, project teams will work with groups in each college and unit to plan demonstrations, training, business process changes, and policy changes or modifications that may be necessary as the system is implemented.

Change Management will provide a bridge between college and unit personnel to adapt to changes in job content as new roles and responsibilities are established as part of implementation. Proper personnel training will help assure appropriate understanding of the system and the detail required to perform in these new roles.

Self-service and other elements of the system will be demonstrated to college and unit staff as appropriate and training will be offered well in advance of implementation. Colleges and units will be able to develop implementation plans that vary across colleges and units in a way that takes college and unit differences into account.

Change Management is a shared responsibility among all participants in the LASER project. The LASER Project team will provide structure and activities to support colleges and units as they assume responsibility for the implementation of the new system in their own departments. Associate and Assistant Deans who are members of the Committee on Academic Policy and Procedures (CAPP) will lead implementation efforts in their colleges.