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Kansas State University

iSIS Scope Management Strategy

During the course of the project there will be times when a possible change to the approved scope and objectives of the project is identified. Some of the reasons for changes in scope include the following:

  • The business needs have changed
  • The organization has changed
  • Desire to exploit technology improvements
  • The organization priorities have changed
  • New or changes to legislation/regulations
  • Affect of other projects within the organization
  • Original scope was not fully defined or defined inaccurately

Any project participant or other concerned party may request a change in project scope to the Project Director, who will then assign the request to the appropriate team member. An initial review will be made to examine the need for the change, how it can be achieved and what the consequences will be. Based on those conclusions, the recommended action will be proposed. If agreed upon by the Project Director and Project Team Leads, the proposed change in project scope will be presented to the LASER Steering Committee and/or the LASER Executive Committee for approval. Decisions on minor changes having little impact on project scope may be made by the Project Director. The decision whether to accept or reject a change will be based on fundamental logic:

  1. Is the change unavoidable (e.g., legislative changes)?
  2. Does the change increase the overall benefit to K-State (taking into account any impact on the costs, benefits, timeline and risks?)
  3. Is the Project Team able to make such a change?
  4. Is the change best done now, or would it be more beneficial to defer it until post implementation?

This scope management strategy will run continuously during the project and be managed by the Project Director.