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Kansas State University

iSIS Self-Service Strategy

Self-Service solutions are information-based services that integrate data from numerous locations to provide the information to customers--students, faculty, and staff--as they need it. Self-Service must be an intuitive and easy-to-use experience for the end user. The service also needs to assure high performance and availability to many users at one time.

The Self-Service applications are web-based and allow end users to update personal data in a secure and safe environment. A single sign-on will provide users with one access point to the self-service applications. Our objective is to use the delivered Campus Solutions Self Service functions without modifications, unless deemed necessary to the University’s business requirements.

The distribution of Self-Service will be accomplished through the Campus Solution self-service application, the university portal (K-State Connect), and K-State’s learning management system (K-State Online). These applications are intended to work together as seamlessly as possible with similar branding and presentation.

A comprehensive look at each of the self-service functional requirements will be developed. These requirements will be used to determine the production support needed for the capacity load that will vary greatly depending on the time of the business cycle. Add/Drop and Pre-Enrollment are typically high-volume periods. Self-Service will be responsible for providing information in a timely fashion to end users. Subject matter experts (SMEs) from the LASER project team will provide content expertise and guidance during the development of the self-service functions.